Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I feel that the organization of Hospice is no more than a group of paid assassins. When people hear the word Hospice, their thoughts turn to compassion. There is nothing compassionate about Hospice! The way in which they kill is cruel. Yes, they give Morphine and Ativan to suppress the victim's pain. However, they still feel the pain of dehydration. Dehydration part of their preferred method of murder; they with-hold all fluids Dehydration is painful. The whole time my mum was dying, and dehydrating, she kept smacking her lips. She could not cry out for help because of the drug cocktail they gave her, but I could tell she was uncomfortable.

Mum was on many different life-saving medications. Had they taken away any one of her heart medicines, this alone would have killed her, so why they felt the need to dehydrate her is still a mystery to me. When she died, her tongue and lips were all shriveled, and split. Hospice is not an easy death, nor is it compassionate.

Let me just say for arguments sake a baby was born with horrific deformities, unable to see, hear, feel, or ever eat on its own, and retarded. In other words, completely dependent on life saving methods/support for the rest of its life. Had Hospice stepped in and dehydrated this child to death in the same manner they did my mother, can you imagine the public outrage? Hospice would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law: how dare they murder an innocent child. However, as we all know Hospice would not be allowed near this child; tax payers would be made to pay for this child's health care forever. My point being: because my mother was old and cancer stricken, and considered by society to be of no further use, she was allowed, even coerced to chose Hospice and to be be exterminated. So, even though this made up infant would be a drag on society, take up millions possibly billions of dollars in health care, and never contribute to society where as my mother had enriched society her entire life, but because it is a child it is deemed immoral and unethical to end its life. Am I the only one who sees this as discrimination?

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