Sunday, August 8, 2010

lace curtains

My mum saved everything. She saved every curtain we ever owned. Today, I decided to change up the living room, and needed new curtains. The dark brown curtains she had made for me, last year seemed too dark for summer. I really am trying to brighten things up. Only a month ago, I washed, folded and put away at least twenty pairs of curtains. As I pulled out the curtain bin, and began to choose, I found the curtains she made me for the house in Springvale nearly 8 years ago. They had a tan background with large bundles of red, pink and white roses on them. I picked them up and held them for what seemed like hours, as a million memories flooded my brain. I could see the happiness on her face at my complete joy over my new drapes. She worked hard on them, and it showed. They were absolutely perfect. These curtains reminded me of a time of contentment, a time free of disease and pain, grief and strife. Although the memory was fleeting, I do remember at one time I did smile. I could not use the Victorian rose curtains, not yet. Instead, I chose the cream lace curtains. They did make the room lighter. It is amazing how something as simple as window coverings can provoke such strong emotions.

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